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Marla Publishing is a small independent press working with authors who hold hope for a better future. 

We can help you write, edit, design, and distribute your novel or nonfiction work. We publish our titles in paperback, hardcover, Audiobook and the popular eBook format. Contact us to learn more about becoming the next Marla Publishing author.

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A Guide To Starting
High School With A Smile

Amba Brown

'Finding Your Path - A Guide to Starting High School With a Smile' was created to offer practical advice with a positive psychology undertone to support readers through the major life transition of starting high school.

The target audience is both boys and girls who are preparing for the changes in high school.

This guide includes practical tips, positive quotes, analogies, interactive pages, food for thought, stories from other students and motivational ideas.

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A Happy Start To School

Amba Brown

A fun and original way to socially, emotionally and practically prepare children around the world for starting school. Playful and engaging, this beautifully designed resource is for every child starting to wonder about starting school and needing that little bit of support, encouragement or insight into school life.

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August 13, 2019

Our latest release is a fun guided meditation book for kids.

The listener will be both guided visually and encouraged to use their imagination to explore a secret magical world, allowing them to disconnect from the stress of the day, wind down and relax. 

June 6, 2019

The story of Dr. Seuss explores the fascinating life behind one of our favorite authors. We know and love his books, including The Cat in The Hat, The Grinch, and Green Eggs and Ham, and now we can get to know him! In this short and fun biography, you will learn about Ted’s early years, family life, path to success, building and flourishing in his writing career and beyond!

November 19, 2018

Marla's first published author, Amba Brown, shares her story about becoming a writer today and the struggles that remain post-publication.

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Alfred Lord Tennyson


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